Happy Birthday, Bacardi

Bacardi turns THREE years old today! Well, for a shelter cat, it’s not so much a “birthday.” It’s more of a “on this day two years ago, the vet health-checked me and estimated me to be one year old.” But just thinking that on this day two years ago, my beloved Bacardi was in the shelter—in fact, he would stay in the shelter for two more months before I finally realized he was meant to live with me and Smirnoff—makes me appreciate him so much more.

Shelter cats really are the best. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bacardi!


6 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Bacardi”

  1. Happy Birthday Bicardi!! My cat is a shelter cat, too, but she turned 10 in September and we did the same thing, picked the day we adopted her as her birthday. My granddaughter and I used to make “cakes” for her out of cat food and sprinkle her treats on top. We didn’t do it this year, though. She’s a black and white cat who was named Boots but my granddaughter changed her name to Bsquette or Bsquetti (the meatball!) LOL!! We’ve shortened her name but she responds to both. We’ve had her for three years and she is so adorable and quite a character!

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