My Cat Is Species Confused

My cat Smirnoff doesn’t like cats, with the one exception being Bacardi. All other cats, kittens, and anything with feline DNA is his enemy. Yet, he seems to like dogs, as I know from his occasional encounters with my sister’s dachshund. It may seem odd, but I think it’s because Smirnoff is, in fact, a dog.

For one thing, he likes to chew on edible dog bones:

These are the 100% edible Nylabones in beef flavor. A while ago, I was at the pet store picking up cat food and decided to buy Smirnoff a bone as a treat (I know that cats aren’t really supposed to eat dog food, so it’s a very occasional occurrence). The cashier asked me if the bone was mine and I said yes.

“Oh,” he said. “I wasn’t sure since you’re buying cat food.”

“I know,” I said. “My cat is weird.”

And the cashier gave me a look as if to say, “Well you’re the one buying him a dog bone.”

And that’s not all Smirnoff likes to chew. He also enjoys dog Kongs:

This is the Kong for small dogs. The company does make a Kong for cats, but it’s extremely flimsy and Smirnoff would destroy it in a matter of minutes. His chew marks on the dog version are quite impressive.

And naturally his favorite thing is having a dab of peanut butter inside the Kong.

If that doesn’t persuade you of my cat’s canine ways, he does tricks including sit, lay down, and roll over (keep in mind this video is a year old; he’s actually perfected the tricks more since then):

So if I wake up one morning to the sound of Smirnoff barking…

…Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. 😉


3 Replies to “My Cat Is Species Confused”

  1. LOL – when my Tom was younger, he liked dog bones to chew on as well – never tried Kongs though. There ARE Kongs for cats?? I will have to look out! I know FunTom likes to play with his food – I make him catch it (with two paws in the air!) an he likes to use his paws to get his hard food out from under a cupboard or out of a tiny cardboard box …

    I don’t think Smirnoff seriously thinks he is a dog – just my humble opinion of course.
    It is just his personality. Cats have so wonderful diverse personalities, haven’t they?

    But I am sure, we will read about his barking, if he ever tries it, in your wonderful blog.

  2. Our cat rolls over, too, and actually fetched rolled up pieces of aluminum foil and tossed like a ball. She would run and get it and bring it back. Her new trick, which only happened once so far, was to “pet” my granddaughter’s arm with her paw. Yes, she really petted Alex. I didn’t see it but Alex managed to get a picture which her phone with one hand.

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