UPDATE: Raymond the Foster Kitten

Raymond the KittenBack in August, I fostered a kitten named Raymond. I took him home for a couple days to find out whether my two cats, Smirnoff and Bacardi, would tolerate me fostering for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Bacardi said yes, Smirnoff said definitely not. So since then, Raymond is the only foster cat I’ve had.

Now, almost seven months later, Raymond is 9 months old. I’ve always wondered how he’s been doing, and finally got the courage to email his adopters and find out:

Oh my goodness we are so in love with our kitty Raffi (formerly Raymond)! He is the perfect cat for us. He is spunky and playful while being affectionate and cuddly at the same time. He plays fetch with us, which is weird but so awesome! He isn’t afraid of much, so we are glad we are keeping him safe as an indoor cat. He is happy, healthy, and such a great addition to our family!  Thanks for checking in!

—Marnie, Raymond’s adopter

Marnie even sent along a couple photographs, which she said I could share! To say that I cooed and squealed like a school girl when I opened them… is to say the truth.

Raymond (now Raffi) loves to take naps in the sink!
Raymond (now Raffi) loves to take naps in the sink!
He also likes to chill on the couch.

3 Replies to “UPDATE: Raymond the Foster Kitten”

  1. What a great Blog! I’ve volunteered at MSPCA in J.P. and adopted two cats that rescued me. I believe that ARL/B has a more comprehensive way of helping abandoned and neglected cats. I love Dogs, and little critters of all kinds. I’m a member of PETA Action Team. I think I’ll look into Volunteering with APL/B. Thanks for igniting the fire again!

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