Falling in Love in the Feline Suite

Photo by Kim L.

The feline suite is a “real-life” room upstairs where cats go to take a break from the stress of shelter living. There’s a small couch, a big window with a screen that lets in fresh air, a giant cat tree (donated) and shelving that scales the walls. It’s a cat’s idea of a cruise vacation.

The feline suite is a great place for people, too. I go up there sometimes to catch a snooze or much-needed rest, play one-on-one with a cat, and snuggle. It’s a great place for two volunteers to go and chat, and most importantly, it’s a place where potential adopters can see cats in a more natural home-like setting.

This past weekend, my friend and co-volunteer, Kim, and I arrived at the shelter early before adoption opened and headed up to the suite. Jasper (pictured above) happened to be there and he immediately came over for some pets, crawled into my lap, rolled around my arms, went over to Kim for the same, and back. Jasper had been at the shelter for about a month, which is a long time for a cat as easy-going as him. He had been adopted out once and returned just 24 hours later, was about to be adopted a second time, but then the adoption fell through due to landlord issues. He just wasn’t cutting a break. Kim and I couldn’t believe how amazing he was in the suite and my heart instantly melted.

Luckily, that same day new adopters came in, saw him in the suite, and took him home just a few hours after the above photo was taken.

Jasper is a great cat, and he would have found a home even if he had been in the main adoption area downstairs. But having a place like the feline suite where a cat can come for a day or two, stretch their legs, and relax makes a huge difference to some cats, and facilitates adoptions for everyone!


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