Our ARL Community, In Times of Tragedy

I had been waiting to write up a new blog post on the wonderful adventures of having my foster dog, Peanuts, who came to stay with me from the Great Dog Rescue of New England. That will come soon, I promise.

However, after yesterday’s events in Boston, I feel that I need to say something else first.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston truly is a community. We aren’t just an animal shelter. We had four runners in the race yesterday, one volunteer in the medical tent (she’s also a trained nurse), and their friends and family in the crowds. As soon as we found out what happened, our staff and volunteers, whether physically downtown or elsewhere on our computers, rushed to make sure everyone was okay.

Because of my foster puppy, I was not downtown. And as the news came in via social media that everyone from the ARL had not been harmed, I sighed in relief.

For those who were at the shelter, taking care of the animals, finding out information on runners and their families, and especially to one of our greatest volunteers Amy, who went straight to work caring for those entering the medical tents near the finish line, I just want to say that I am proud to be a part of such a caring and dedicated group of people. You are all some of the best around.

The ARL is an organization that is dedicated to helping animals. But we also help each other.

And it is important to remember that in these tragic times, we see the good in people, far more than the bad.


One Reply to “Our ARL Community, In Times of Tragedy”

  1. Horrible that this happened. The Boston Marathon has been around for so many years and this makes no sense whatsoever. The people of Boston have shown themselves to be truly caring; opening their homes to the runners and offering help. You should be very proud. I am also very glad that none of the ARL was injured.

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