The Alcohol Cats Are Packing Up…

Dear Readers,

It may seem like the alcohol cats’ lives have been somewhat quiet this past month, as no blog posts have been written, and nothing has changed except for a new Instagram account (follow @alcoholcats)… but in fact, the exact opposite is true: SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!

THE BIG NEWS: Myself and the alcohol cats are hitting the road—or rather, the air—and heading off to Los Angeles! Yes, that’s right. As I said previously, my goal was to get a job at Best Friends Animal Society in L.A. and be able to work with shelter animals full-time.

Well, it happened! My new job begins in less than a week, and I will be joining the adoption staff at Best Friends. I am in the process of selling/giving away all my furniture, sorting through all my possessions (of which I have way too many), and making sure the cats are ready for their in-cabin flight.

(Currently, Smirnoff & Bacardi are much more calm than I am, but I’m sure once they’re in their carriers and headed to the airport, all that will change.)

Wish us luck, and I will check back in once we’re settled on the west coast 🙂



6 Replies to “The Alcohol Cats Are Packing Up…”

  1. Los Angeles’ gain is our loss. 😦 Thanks for all you’ve done here to make life better for the kitties and people you’ve come in contact with. Will miss you!

  2. Good for you!! I hope we see more posts on life with the Alcohol Cats in LA! I am glad your dream was finally realized. I am going to guess that the cats have not been on a plane before. Hope all goes well with that! I am sure they will voice their opinion on air travel. Keep us posted. Yours is one of the ones I like the best!

  3. Great news! Your blog has been so entertaining and informative. Looking forward to finding out what happened, once you have the leisure to post again. But first — Have a calm and safe flight!

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