Purrfect Picks: Xela

AGE: 10 years old
GENDER: female (spayed)
DESCRIPTION: black and white short-haired MIXED breed

Xela is an unusual-looking older lady who, in any other shelter, might have been adopted ages ago. But she’s still with us at Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles and deserves a great home!

Xela is very sweet, calm and loves to lounge around. She’s not a huge fan of other cats, although she could probably tolerate living with another calm feline who gives her space. She has fur that needs to be brushed now and then, and she enjoys short brushing sessions. She only gets a little fussy around her hips and legs but gives you fair warning if she starts to get uncomfortable.

The staff at BFLA debate Xela’s breed, because she’s certainly more than just a domestic medium-hair. I think she’s part British short-hair, while others have said she’s part exotic, and still others think she might be part Persian (because of her slightly squished, round face). Who knows, but she’s certainly a cute cat!

Overall, Xela is a pretty healthy girl. She recently started some Cosequin for possible arthritis, which also means she may be a little older than ten (but who’s counting?). As with any older cat, an adopter should think about getting a bloodwork panel done just to be sure there’s no underlying condition.

Xela is one of my favorite cats, not only because of her beauty, but because she’s a mellow, gentle girl who can be picked up, and doesn’t require too much maintenance. She’s spent the day in our marketing office, and makes a wonderful office cat!

Xela has been at the shelter since May of 2013. This sweet girl deserves to be in a home where she can lounge in a sunny window and enjoy her golden years!

You can read Xela’s Petango profile here.

To adopt Xela, visit bestfriends.org/la.

>>>I am happy to report that my previous Purrfect Picks cat, Phantom, has been adopted!! Yay, Phantom!!


7 Replies to “Purrfect Picks: Xela”

    1. I would talk to your vet about it – Cosequin is pretty effective, and I’m sure there are other nutritional supplements out there (as opposed to a medication) that could help!

  1. I need to tweet you (DM) about this – prob not best to hijack your comments here. But, I would love to pick your brain about cat anxiety/food addiction/puking/not chewing food because she inhales it because she scavenges for food all the time…if you have any ideas? I have the Ginger/calming treats but those don’t do a bloody thing. And, she’s about 10 this year too…..

    Thank you!

    1. Have you tried any type of food puzzle? That slows down the eating to help stop puking. You can get dry food or wet food puzzles, depending on which food she eats. If you’re home a lot, you can also feed more meals throughout the day in smaller portions, which will help calm the feeling of hunger and also help with the puking 🙂

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