A Very Merry Alcohol Cats Christmas and GIVEAWAY

ATTENTION ALL CAT LOVERS and CRAFTY MUG LOVERS. This is your lucky day. I present to you an opportunity to give to a good cause this holiday season, and potentially win some AWESOME COFFEE MUGS that I hand decorated.

Watch the video below to get started:

Here are the CATFFICIAL rules:

To enter, you must do one of the following –
1. Donate
2. Volunteer
3. Adopt (any cat, dog, or small animal)
to/at your local shelter, humane society, or private animal rescue.

Then, submit proof of doing so (like a receipt* or photo) to alcoholcats@gmail.com to be entered in the giveaway.

*It’s the thought that counts! Any amount of donations (monetary or physical), volunteer time, or adoptions will be treated equally.

If you absolutely hate email, tag me on Twitter: @alcoholcats – and then bug me to make sure I received your entry.

By submitting to the giveaway, you are granting me permission to use your photos and identity on any Alcohol Cats social media platform (such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or alcoholcats.com), unless you provide a written request not to.

Entries will be received on a rolling basis and giveaway winners will be announced whenever I feel like it. Because. (That means you will probably not get the prizes by Christmas, but definitely before next Christmas. I swear.)

Please spread the word to help the animals! 🙂

Here’s a close-up of the prize:
Prize mugs 1 Prize Mugs 2

Now, get giving!! ❤


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