10425866_10204185753508647_315711484772659127_nTen thousand kittens enter the six L.A. city shelters every year. From adoption counseling, to foster coordinating, to managing thousands of volunteers, I’ve been a part of, or witness to, nearly every aspect of the animal welfare community and the No-Kill Los Angeles movement.

I began my work in animal welfare the traditional way: by volunteering at my local shelter: the Animal Rescue of Boston. That’s where I adopted my first cat and decided that advocating for animals was a pretty great way to spend my time.

Three years (and another cat) later, I moved across the country to work for one of the largest animal rescue groups in the country, Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles.

This blog contains posts from the early part of my journey into animal welfare, as well as some thoughts, videos, podcast episodes, projects and opinions on animal sheltering and cats. Needless to say: the opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to me or the specified author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Best Friends Animal Society, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Heaven on Earth, or any other animal rescue organization mentioned, and their respective staffs and volunteers.

I am also the owner of (now) three adopted cats: Smirnoff & Bacardi (both adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston) and Warlow (adopted from Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles). They live with me and my husband in Los Angeles, and have many opinions of their own.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all… read more here:
No Cats Under the Bed: Socializing Shy/Fearful Cats, 6-8-15, heavenlypets.org

Or, if you’re not in the mood to read, watch my videos or listen to my podcast!


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  1. LOVE your blog! I own 6 cats, all but one are rescues and/or fosters (Yes I am a foster flunky) and I make automatic monthly donations to ARLB and Neponset Valley Humane Society. 🙂

      1. “foster flunky” or “foster failure” is an animal you take in as a foster (providing a temporary home) but end up adopting instead of returning it to the shelter 🙂

  2. I am one of four humans beloging to two cats. Jen is my sweet baby adopted from a local shelter, and Precious is a little tiger of an ex barn kitten who loves her daddy human.

  3. Adopting is the way to go all my animals have been rescued. Right how the house is full of 7 cats 1 dog and a fish 😀 It is brilliant that you are promoting it and good luck with helping all them unwanted’s in the world x

  4. I follow you for some time now, love to read about your successes. But this is a comment meant as a cry for help.
    I have heard about a needy adult cat – needy of a new home. I am based in Germany and cannot do anything for this lovely male cat, but maybe you have connections? My heart aches when I read his story and the updates. Tigger is 10, very human friendly – but cannot stay with other cats.
    The link to the original story is in there.

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