The Alcohol Cats Are in a Book

RESCUEPETSbook_coverLast summer, I received an awesome opportunity to be part of a coffee book project, headed by local entrepreneur, Brittany Bang, and local pet/wedding photographer Li Ward. After Brittany’s boutique pet shop had to close due to rent increase on Newbury Street, she and Li had the idea to create a photography book that celebrates rescued pets of Boston.

I had met Brittany many times when the Animal Rescue League of Boston did adoption events at her store, and she and her husband took care of Smirnoff and Bacardi a few times when I was away. Brittany (and Li) have always been huge proponents of rescue pets and adoption, which is why 100% of the proceeds from this book are being given to local Boston rescues!

These rescues include:

The book, now published, is aptly named Rescue Pets of Boston. You can purchase this book online:

It makes a wonderful holiday gift, and again, all proceeds go to some really great charities! And you’ll get to have a little piece of the alcohol cats in your home 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Buy a copy!

photo 1

Khal and Khaleesi


Last weekend I went to visit my friends Becca and Tom, who a few months ago adopted two kittens from Zani’s Furry Friends. Zani’s is a rescue that takes animals from typically high-kill shelters in New York City and puts them into foster homes until permanent homes can be found. While I usually like to advocate adopting locally, Becca and Tom were looking specifically for Maine Coon or part-Maine Coon kittens. So they adopted Khal and Khaleesi, a brother–sister duo. Continue reading “Khal and Khaleesi”