Happy Birthday, Bacardi

Bacardi turns THREE years old today! Well, for a shelter cat, it’s not so much a “birthday.” It’s more of a “on this day two years ago, the vet health-checked me and estimated me to be one year old.” But just thinking that on this day two years ago, my beloved Bacardi was in the shelter—in fact, he would stay in the shelter for two more months before I finally realized he was meant to live with me and Smirnoff—makes me appreciate him so much more.

Shelter cats really are the best. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bacardi!

Moving with Cats: A Survivor’s Tale

I’ve never had to move cats before.

Smirnoff, at age 3, had been living in my old apartment for the past 2 years, which is a significant two thirds of his life. Bacardi wasn’t too far behind. I was a little nervous after watching episodes of My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet), as well as knowing the histories of several cats at our shelter (such as Whiskers), knowing that after a move, cat hierarchies can change in a new territory. Smirnoff and Bacardi are a mismatched pair, after all. They like each other, but they’re not really bonded. So I had my reservations.

Still, I have done enough adoption interviews at the shelter to know that in any new environment, you should keep your cat(s) confined to a smaller space, such as a bedroom or bathroom (with litterbox, water, and food included) so as not to overwhelm them.

My plan was simple: move the cats and their stuff first. Set them up in the bathroom of my new apartment. Keep them in there for a couple days, or as long as they would tolerate it, and hope that no fights break out. But I know how to introduce cats. If the worst came to the worst, I could separate them and slowly re-introduce them. It would be arduous, but possible. I felt I was mostly prepared. What actually happened wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Continue reading “Moving with Cats: A Survivor’s Tale”