NEW – Episode 3 of “Cat Chat with Liz and Marci”

Hello wonderful cat people! I’m excited to share the third episode of “Cat Chat with Liz and Marci.” For those of you yet to listen, Cat Chat is a fun podcast where Marci ( and I talk about all things cat-related! I tell behind-the-scene stories from working/volunteering at animal shelters, and Marci gives top-notch advice on how to deal with common behavioral issues in your home.

The third episode is all about cats, their claws, and declawing. Take a listen, share, download for your commute to work, and tell all your cat friends!


New Podcast for CAT LOVERS!

Hey Alcohol Cat readers!

There is an exciting new project I’m so happy to be sharing with you… I have recently teamed up with my friend Marci Koski – owner of Feline Behavior Solutions, a cat behavior consultation business. We got together to talk about our favorite topic (CATS) and recorded it all just for you!

Our new podcast, CAT CHAT WITH LIZ AND MARCI, brings you insight into the feline psyche with stories, humor, and loads of hands-on experience. In the first episode, we cover multi-cat households: how to pick a new cat for your growing clowder, how to introduce a new cat, and how to prevent/resolve any issues that might arise!