Tookie, The Cat Who Loved a Pitbull

Tookie 3Love knows no bounds. What animals and human beings are capable of because of love, always amazes me.

When a two-year-old cat named Tookie was surrendered to our shelter in October, his whole life changed. Although that’s really true of any animal that is brought to a shelter, but in Tookie’s case it was a bit different. He was surrendered by his owner (due to moving) and because of this was separated from his best friend in the whole world—a pitbull. According to his former owner, the two animals slept together every night. Tookie loved his pitbull friend, but the girl’s mother would only take her dog; she was allergic to cats.

When Tookie arrived, he had that look on his face that shelter animals sometimes have. It’s the “don’t even look at me because I’m not even here” look. He huddled himself in the corner of the cage and melted our hearts. Slowly, day by day, he started to open up: by leaning slightly into head pets, by giving his little “Tookie cry”—a soulful, squeaky chirp. Then he started to have a major problem.

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My Cat Is Species Confused

My cat Smirnoff doesn’t like cats, with the one exception being Bacardi. All other cats, kittens, and anything with feline DNA is his enemy. Yet, he seems to like dogs, as I know from his occasional encounters with my sister’s dachshund. It may seem odd, but I think it’s because Smirnoff is, in fact, a dog.

For one thing, he likes to chew on edible dog bones:

These are the 100% edible Nylabones in beef flavor. A while ago, I was at the pet store picking up cat food and decided to buy Smirnoff a bone as a treat (I know that cats aren’t really supposed to eat dog food, so it’s a very occasional occurrence). The cashier asked me if the bone was mine and I said yes. Continue reading “My Cat Is Species Confused”

Cat Food on Lockdown

Bacardi lounging on my bed this morning.

It was that dreaded time of year again—time for Bacardi to go to the vet. Just for his annual checkup of course, but again I’d have to witness the stern look on the vet’s face as I’m told that Bacardi is overweight, and I should do more to take control of it.

The thing is, I have a lot of control over Bacardi’s (and Smirnoff’s) food. Yet they manage to eat a lot anyway.

I should also mention that Bacardi has food allergies. He’s on a novelty protein, limited ingredient diet. Currently, he eats Blue Buffalo Basics for his dry food and Natural Balance L.I.D. for his wet food. (The Natural Balance dry food was giving him diarrhea for some reason, and the Blue Buffalo wet food is just too expensive, about twice the price of NB, which is already pricey.) Smirnoff eats the wet food with Bacardi in the morning, but their dry food is eaten separately because Smirnoff is on Science Diet w/d dry due to his tendency to get urine crystals.

It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Each morning, my cats split a 6oz can of wet food, which they eat side by side. In the evening, they get 1/4 cup of their own dry food, which I feed them in separate rooms, usually in a food puzzle. Treats are minimal, because any training I do, I do with a few bits of dry food. (My cats are that food motivated.)

So everything should be under control, right? The problem is, both cats love food. They’d do anything for it. They wake me up every morning at 5am for breakfast, bolt toward the kitchen any time I get up, and demand dinner from about 6pm through 10pm (even if they’ve already eaten it). They are also thieves.  Continue reading “Cat Food on Lockdown”